Porsche’s Best Two Additives To Two Brand: Mercedes-Benz 500E And Audi RS2

Ferdinand Porsche. The Porsche’s founder. He started the work by order of Hitler. The Hitler sees a Tatra while visiting the Czech Republic. When Hitler come back to Germany; wants by Ferdinand Porsche his own car like a Tatra. In this way, the Beetles was born.

At 1947 Ferdinand Porsche’s son Ferry Porsche, produces the first Porsche model called ‘’Porsche 356'’. But the Porsche achieved its real success in the mid-1970s. A new Porsche model called ‘’Porsche 911'’. Actually 911’s name would be called ‘’901'’. But the Peugeot had patented the numbers with ‘’0'’ in the middle.

After the talking about Porsche’s history, lets we continue the main topic. In fact, Porsche has many contributions to many brands. But I’m selected the best two for me. The Mercedes-Benz 500E and Audi RS2.

The Mercedes-Benz 500E / Porsche Type 2758 / The Wolf

At the 1979, BMW M’s first 4 door car E28 M535i was introduced. 5 years after this model, on the E28 chasis stronger than M535i, the new M5 is introduced. Later on, the BMW introduced the E34 M5. The Mercedes altough introduced the 190E 2.3–16 Cosworth, this model was rival of the E30 M3. The Mercedes had no rival for the E34 M5.

The E34 M5 (left) and the E28 M5 (right)

At that years, Mercedes’s fastest sedan was the 300E. In every sense, it was fall behind the E34 M5.

The Porsche was about to sink en of 80’s. The 959’s production was ended, other models sales was don’t like the planned. So Porsche was needs to a job. For the 500E’s production, the Porsche 959’s production band was selected. Mercedes was sending the W124 300E’s chasis, suspension and other parts to Porsche factory. Porsche after doing the neccesary was combining the vehicle. Also, Porsche was overhauling the suspensions for the strengthening. The car combined chasis and and body parts, were sent to the Mercedes for wrapping for anti-corrosion and body painting. After this works cars were sent again to Porsche for engine works. The Porsche was assembling the 5.0lt V8 engine (called M119), 4-speed automatic transmission and the other works. All this works whole for 18 days. All this processes was completed in 18 days for one car.

The first models was produced end of the 1990 and it’s continued to middle of 1995. In total 10.479 units were produced. However, its name changed to “500E” with facelift and e segment use in 1993.

The Mercedes-Benz 500E / Porsche Type 2758 / The Wolf
Another Mercedes-Benz 500E

Engine Type: V8
Engine Code: M119
Engine CC: 4973cc
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
Valve: 32 Valves
Engine HP: 320 HP / 316 Ps
Maximum Torque: 470 NM / 3900 RPM
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic / RWD
Weight: 1710 kg
Maximum Speed: 275 KM/H (Limited to 250 KM/H)
0–100: 6.1s

Mercedes gained the what want success. However, one year later, BMW made a new move with E34. Upgraded the E34 M5’s engine to 3.8lt and 340PS. The 0–100 was up to 5.9 second. And the Mercedes’ reign only lasted a year.

The Audi RS2

Audi; which remained behind its competitors as a performance department, was must be to a move. At the 1990, first model from performance department called ‘’S’’. The first model is developed on Audi 80 Coupe. ‘’Audi S2'’. It had 2.2lt 5 cylinder turbo engine with 220ps and 309nm torque.

The Audi S2 Coupe

At 1995, Audi made an unexpected move. The engine using on S2, sent to Porsche for upgrades. This way a new cooperation was born. The basically engine in the RS2, model was Audi’s 2.2lt in-line 5-cylinder 20 atmospheric-petrol engine. The Porsche was upgraded some things in engine. Bigger turbo, bigger intercooler system, fuel injectors, bigger camshafts, totally new exhaust systems, and totally new ECU mapping.

Porsche modified RS2 engine

After these mods, horsepower gushed from the engine. The HP was up to 315PS and with overboost feature, the torque was jumped to 440NM. The Engine capacity-power ratios was incredible for RS2’s production years. It was faster than Ferraries stronger than itself, McLAREN F1 and F1 cars (for the Ferrari’s 0–100; McLAREN F1’s and F1 car’s 0–50) .

The Porsche not just upgraded the engine. The body parts also has contributions. Porsche 996’s fog lights and side mirrors, Porsche 996’s rear design form, Porsche 964’s 5-spoke rims and brakes…

The Audi RS2 Avant
The Audi RS2 Avant and The Porsche 996

Engine Type: i5
Engine CC: 2226cc
Aspiration: Turbo
Valve: 20 Valves
Engine HP: 315PS
Maximum Torque: 410nm / 3000rpm
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual / AWD
Weight: 1595 kg
Maximum Speed: 262 km/h (Limited)
0–100: 5.4s

The RS2’s production units was planned for 2200 units. But due to high demands, there is 2891 units were produced. The Audi, it’s today’s performance station-wagon success owes it to the RS2 Avant.

Thanks to Porsche for this two masterpieces

Mercedes-Benz 500E A.K.A ‘’Wolf’’ and Audi RS2.
Audi RS2 and Mercedes-Benz 500E A.K.A ‘’Wolf’’ from another angle.

That was it for this article. Thanks for reading. See you in my next article!

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